burning man

imageEvery year in the desert in Nevada just northeast of Reno about 30,000 people gather to build "Black Rock City". It only exists for about a week during which people express their artisitic talents in a variety of ways. You must bring everything you need for the week - including water. You can only buy ice and funnily enough coffee! No its not Starbucks but close!! Everything else must be brought or bartered - no financial transactions or commercial vendors are allowed.

The only forms of transport are your feet or a bicycle - or 'Art Cars'. These as the name suggests are golf-carts, cars and even busses that have been transformed into - well - anything - Vikingships, Firebreathing - dragons, and of course moving dance clubs. Its amazing to see how people can get on with each other when they are removed from the rat race.

People who have NOT been always refer to burning man as a drug rampent orgy of wannabe hippies. Like any city of 30,000 people there are a multitude of activities. In my case I consume less alcohol at the burn than on a given weekend in the city and have to date found no orgies although it could be I'm just not orgy material anymore (as if I ever was!) . Being at Burning Man is a natural high! The best fun is to cruise the playa (the desert) checking out the art work during the day, a few yoga, ecstatic dance, and other workshops. A coffee at central camp watching the performing art and then put on the glow sticks and get ready to dance to all kinds of music until 6am in the morning.

Make sure you check out my PHOTO ALBUMS <<<< CLICK HERE TO SEE LOTS OF PHOTOS

You will find photos there from 4 burning mans and 2 decompression parties. Needless to say the earlier albums are better ... after you've been a few times you get tired of taking so many photos.

2006 will be my 5th Burning Man and this time I will be joining the "That Bloody Camp" theme camp So come along and visit at '8:50 & Desire' for a Bloody Mary each morning served with love!



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