life's journey - Scotland - 1994-1996


St Andrews 1994-1996

I took a job as a Post Doctoral Research Assistant at the University of St.Andrews in Scotland. My main task was the development of the visible Microchip Laser. The green Microchip laser had been developed by Niel MacKinnon and Bruce Sinclair the year before. I helped develop the Blue Microchip laser in addition to researching Scottish drinking patterns with fellow scientists such as the infamous Richard Conroy. But perhaps my favorite past-time in Scotland was the Celeidh dancing.

- celidh dancing 1995

In addition there was my acting debut as the Dionysus in that world renound play "HorribleScribblingFax Teutsch" .. actually Ive forgotten the real name but it was similar. Produced and Directed for the St.Andrews German Play Society by my favorite people in Scotland namely Kate and Branwen. And containing a cast of total weirdos!














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