life's journey - Germany - 1990 - 1994

imageGoettingen 1990

I had accepted a scholarship to study at the University of Hamburg. Prior to this I was required to improve my german by attending a 4 month course at the Goethe Institute in Goettingen. A university town of 130,000 peopel near the then East German border. The language course consisted of 130 people from about 30 countries.I remember that first week as being one of the most interesting in my life.
The GI Photo Weekend trips to Potsdam in East Germany, to Goslar in the Harz Mountains. Dancing in Tangente and So Wieso. The international constant the Irish Puba guy singing the U2 song "I still haven't found what I'm looking for. No wonder he was 16 years old!! He didn't speak english he knew the words off by heart an he sung it beautifully. The night Germany won the World Soccer Cup .. what a celebration.

Hamburg 1990-1994

My favourite destination. Encompasses both the worst year and best year of my life. The worst being from September 1990 to August 1991.

Why? Writting up my damn Ph.D!! I should have stayed in Australia till it was finished ..I was warned but didn't listen!
Much thanks to getting me through that year goes to my friends Jochen Koetke, Larry Marshall and to the guys at the University of Hamburg
... especially Prof Huber and Dr Petermann.
Of importance is the dedication in my thesis.
The thesis was finally submitted on the 13th August 1990 and with that life began again. I soon met many wonderful people. Gudrun, Sigrun, Christoph and Chrissi, Armin and Heike, Richard and Kerstin to name most of them.
In short Hamburg is still my favorite place on earth (with perhaps the exception of the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Northern Australia).
I work for two year at MedIS GmbH which was fun.
We had some great parties and a few good bowling matches. But then the German recession hit us and it was time to move on to of all places Scotland. In many respects I regret the decision to go but it is a part of my life and you have to make the best of the consequences. No matter how painful. I love Hamburg and many of the people who live there ... especially one.
Oh! And FC St.Pauli!

But of course the best decision I made was to go on a hiking trip in St Jacob in Austria. It was organised by the University of Hamburg Sports association "Breitensport". It was a friend of mine Jochen Koetke who convinced me to go to a meeting of the people going on the trip. I had already made the decision not to go on the trip but I went to the meeting. I walked in the door and at 6pm on August 1st I saw the most wonderful sight in my life. Her name was Gudrun. The trip was wonderful and not to long later I won her heart. It only lasted 4 years but it was beautiful and some of the best years of my life. I loved her dearly and always will.

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