imageThis is my nuclear family my mum & dad and my sister diane. Since this photo was taken diane managed to find a guy crazy enough to marry her, karl champley. To prove his mental deficiencies he dragged my sister to LA to pursue his acting career. Well just to prove the US is as crazy as we always believed ... they did vote Bush and Arnold in ... they fell for his Aussie accent and charming personality and now he hosts his own TV show ... and has appeared in "pirates of the caribeen" .. although my sister stole the show by colliding with Orlando Bloom in one scene as an extra.

The family fame continues as their new born son has recently stared in a series of TV commercials at the age of 6 months. I on the other hand am total failure as I have as yet have produced no grand children .. that I am aware of at least.

You will also find lots of photos of us on the family photo album


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